Speaking of Happiness...

I ran into Abraham the other day on the bus.
I wondered if I would see him again before I left town.

I had thought about him a lot since I had changed jobs and had not bumped into him like I used to.

Abraham is a small, stout man of Guatemalan heritage. He walks with a slight limp and uses a cane  He is in his...60's.  No, maybe 70's?  He's one of those ageless wonders with one of those raspy, melodic voices that make you smile just to hear him speak.

 He would come into the shop for odd jobs which one of my bosses would gladly give him and he was always a joy to work with.  Some days he would come in to buy a new harmonica. He sits on the benches in front of businesses or on the corners of the busy streets and plays for hours. In all kids of weather...daytime or night.  He plays well.  And sometimes even gets some decent contributions thrown into his hat that he sets by his feet.

Abraham never has a bad thing to say about anyone.  He never complains about the weather. He's always smiling. He always is happy to see you and eager to engage in conversation. And he has all his faculties, as they say.

He has been homeless. He has been sick. He has been jobless. He often lives way below the poverty level. He has an adult son who is mentally challenged. (His son's name is Isaac.  No, really)

So there he was...with his big smile flashing at me.
"Long time no see!"

We looked at the Christmas lights from the bus and he told me about the Christmas dinner he and his son planned to have in their relatively newly claimed apartment.  A real apartment.
During a momentarily lull...I wondered if I should actually say goodbye to him.
 "Well, I'll know...", I thought.

In a flash he turned to me and said..."We are taking the same bus...where abouts do you live?"

"Well, funny you should ask because I live....." explaining the area where my duplex is and then I said..."...but, I will be moving soon.  So, actually I am really glad to run into you tonight.". He listened attentively as I told him my plan and then shared with me HIS plan that he may be moving too.  His son, he said,  was missing his old friends that still live in their hometown in Northern Indiana.

We chatted more and admired more of the sparkling lights.  When we were approaching my bus stop...I said..."Abraham, it was such a pleasure to know you and I wish you the best of everything...have a wonderful life".

I began to get up and he said..."Thank you...and I ALREADY have a good life...and the best of everything:
"I KNOW", I said.
He continued..."You know...even when I was homeless....I still would say I have a good life".
Looking right into his sparkly eyes..."I KNOW", I replied." I've been listening."

He smiled.
I got off the bus.

And that is Abraham.

Happy Hanukkah, Good Yule, Joyous Solstice & Merry Christmas!




Can't really say...
My creative life has not been dormant, exactly...but contained if you will, within the confines of my own little head. My writing activity was replaced with  "talking to myself" and embedding stories into my brain...over and over. My Artistic endeavors that you can see HERE...have not been UPDATED in a while, but the 'gallery' at Parallel Visions still exists.

I have had some time now, since I removed myself from 'the life'...to observe the Light-Worker community from a different perspective. And I must say...it's really poppin' out there. I see a lot of enthusiastic healers that are obviously bringing in the golden age through commitment and sincerity. It's breath taking to know for myself, that so long ago I had flowed with the First Wave of LightWorkers...and that NOT so long ago I was one of  the very few who were speaking the ASCENSION language and teaching the reality of the LightBody and the Great Shift. The information was so newly communicated, it was fresh, awe-inspiring and pure.
I am hoping that the REALITY, as well as the AWE continues to be the impetus for the MANY, who have in the last few years,  come out of the dark...into the LIGHT :-) to play their part in the Golden Age. To bring forth their divine roles with humility and with the constant knowing that our lessons never end...no matter how highly regarded they may be as a teacher, channel, communicator.
 I am hoping that the New Wavers know that being in the Light and taking their part in this shift does not necessarily mean that it is the limelight that will be shining on them and that the platform from which they express their teaching, findings, experiences may not be a stage, exactly.
I am hoping that the language and modalities of Healing and working the LIGHT evolves as does the HEALER & LightWorker themselves.  Because when those things remain congruent...there is no chance of the beauty that IS the Ascension Process being watered down by overzealous broadcasters that do not understand how their personal INTERNAL journey must continue.  And that it can, for a time (soul-respective), seem darker and darker...as more of the Light is being transmitted.
I am hoping that the extreme commitment of "NO MATTER WHAT", when one embarks on the Spiritual Path, as I did... will be apparent when I observe, communicate with healers and LightWorkers either personally or across cyberspace, and that those encounters will not have me shaking my head sadly... because what I sense is a 'list' of shortcuts to enable one to skip steps and an egoistic desire to invoke a CURE instead of assisting in True HEALING. 

So, I'm  back in the swing of things with a plan.
  And I am hoping.....that you can see how cool it's going to be.
I am offering an inspiring e-mail experience...wait......I am offering a daily metaphysical reminder...no that's not it either...it's more of an e-course.....but no....it's more than that......
JEEEEEZ..................What is it, that I am offering?
OK...here we go......................
I am offering an opportunity for you to receive in your inbox everyday an inspiring, informative, fun, creative, thought provoking , tear-jerking , creativity-nudging, eye-candy treat E-mail from ME.
The possibilities are endless....READ ON:


What is: "GRACE~NOTES"?

It's an E-course, daily inspiration, break from the grindstone. One email will reach you daily to evoke creativity, promote deep thought, to teach and to inspire. With each "Grace~Note" you will receive a glorious combination of several of the following: (It will be different each time.)

~Suggestions, lessons on how to embrace your spiritual moment.
~Inspirational artwork/photography.
~Moving poetry~Book titles of interest ~Lessons for and of the Spirit
~Music to feed you~ New Book titles and excerpts
~Prompts for creativity~Thought provoking questions
~Fun exercises to expand your mind
~Seasonal inspirations~Links to websites, blogs, articles, interesting people, current events and magical places
~Also you will receive an alert each time I update my BLOG, "Intermezzo". And SO much more...because the possibilities are endless.

It will be as if you are taking a class/doing a workshop without having to "go anywhere". Who knows, in the future this could become a more interactive forum and...eventually, I would like to expand this platform where I can communicate via the Internet...Using SKYPE and video. (Don't be surprised if you get a link to a video of ME sooner than later)

The cost is 20.00 for one month of surprises... paid through Pal Pal.

NOVEMBER "GRACE~NOTES" will begin on the first of the month .
Deadline to subscribe is October 30.

If you are having an issue with Pay-Pal just E-mail me at the new address I created JUST for this project or leave a comment on this post. You must renew monthly, if you so desire.
 For Instance, to continue to receive "Grace~Notes", you must subscribe by sending in payment by the 30th of November...to start receiving Grace Notes for December. 
Don't worry, I will send reminders.
Click Below to purchase 30 days of November Grace~Notes

BIG GIANT PAUSE...............................
But...you can still read OLD posts by clicking on "Older Posts"  OR by using the Blog Archive on the right sidebar.



 Bon Hiver ;-)

It's been a long time since I have posted, so you would THINK that I would have a lot to write.

It has been quite eventful.  Lots of changes. I DO have a new sense of what it's all about here on the old floating rock...we call earth. Some of it is not so pretty.
But I do not necessarily want to talk about it.

I have many stories about why there has been big  change in...friendships, jobs, and eventually a place to live.
I have some opinions and a massive amount of observations regarding integrity of actions, loyalty in relationships and the responsibilities of being creative, being intuitive and being...simply a human being.
But, so what.

I have learned much about who people really are...and what humans are willing and/or capable of allowing in their lives.  And what they are able to give...when it comes right down to it.
I have a new insight into the ability of remaining level headed, balanced and open-hearted while in the midst of turmoil.
I have a new respect for those of us...who truly have done our homework, "no matter what that may entail', as my guides used to say.
And I still feel some disdain for the weakness in denial.
But...that hardly matters.

I have a more sensitive compass for the dysfunction that I witness in  everyday clumsy and UN-filtered actions of others. And have created even wider boundaries...or "margins", again as my guides would say......so I can create a clearer environment for compassion.

I cannot tolerate bullyness, narcissism or phony-ness.

But honestly, I really don't want to talk about it.

The learning continues.......

So...having said all that.... Since it is the Holidays...I wanted to provide some exceptional music for those  of you who come to my blog and leave it up just to listen to the playlist. I love to hear that!
So...here you have it.

Oh yes, my art page is somewhat updated.  Please take a look....http://parellelvisions.blogspot.com/
and if you open that page in a new browser or tab, you can listen while you look!

If you are NEW to this blog, and I know there are a few of you out there...
please look at some older posts. (You can scroll down to the bottom of this page and see some and/or click on the archive menu on the far left.)  I am beginning to believe, that there's some good stuff there.

Shall we.......?

See you next year.......................


A Simply profound Sunday...

Hey kids, don't try this home...
...do you have any idea what could happen to a cookie recipe when you replace granulated sugar (that you forgot to get at the store)...with powdered sugar?
Well, I'm here to tell you.
The FIRST batch were not at all what they were supposed to be...but, we felt like we stumbled upon something that was actually quite tasty.  They were pretty too...like flat anise snowflakes that were great dippers. Unfortunately, we were too busy eating them to take pictures. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of those. :-)
As for the second batch...(which we just KNEW would be better, because we learned from our first mistake)...

Can you say...Giant chocolate Matzo? Or...a lacy roof shingle?
How about... disaster? Yep, it was an adventure in cookie-land which allowed for  an evening of hysterical laughter.  And probably will be comic material for many evenings to come.  Thanks for making the pics possible Laura.  You may want to consider a hand-modeling career. :-)


I feel like the cookie incident was symbolic of how things are going lately.  One small, missing ingredient can make all the difference in the world.  But even more than that..ALL the "right" ingredients...and NOT the right timing...can alter the whole recipe, as well. "It" just does not look like what you expected.  How many times can we alter, replace, shift the temperature until we get what we're hoping for?  And what if it feels like you exhausted ALL the possibilities...and yet, what you keep creating is a flattened out, burnt around the edges...hard as a rock version of the "desired outcome."  Do you keep mixing it up...baking it...shifting the perspective of how it is SUPPOSED to look...and then opening the oven door...breaking into laughter, or tears...
"Oh, @*&#%!, it happened again!!!!"

When do you, finally say..."You know, maybe I am not a baker at all!!!"  How much time/energy do you devote ...until you finally say..."OK, ONTO SOMETHING ELSE!?"

Or DO you?

And with that...I smoothly move on to my next thought...
which is: FEBRUARY
You have heard this before,  but  again I say... in my mind there is NO real purpose for the month of February and it is only good for one thing:
Watching THIS movie:
See you again, soon-ish...when the shock of February has softened a bit.

"Judge Not, That Ye be Not Judged"
Matt, 7:1

 Please see HAITI link to the right of this post>>>

The weary weekend began on Friday evening as I attended a memorial service for a beloved member of the community.  Standing room only as we listened to Coltrane being played in the background...waiting to hear words that would break our hearts and hoping to hear a word to lift our spirits, from people who knew him much better than I did. A slight wave of relief reverberated through the air as certain speakers spoke of grief being a different experience for everyone and the difficulty  in letting go when death is of a violent nature. Slight relief.
My thoughts...
Certain people live on this earth, some for shorter a period than others...to make an impact with their lives and through their death.  And when they go,  they leave us with a longing to become more like them.  Wanting to be a better person for knowing them and in losing them. I left the memorial with only a tiny sense of relief...and some hope that I might use my heart wisely and fulfill some of my heart's desires by using my brain...and the gifts bestowed upon me that need both to manifest.  Heart & Mind.    "Write, write, write", he said. 
"I am...I am...I am."


Paralleling this Memorial event, I was met with an odd challenge of the heart & brain.  As I was reminded of another Memorial. This time it was the knowledge,  that a memorial structure that was built 5 years ago to commemorate a dear, dear friend...was being dismantled.  {Inside info: A few weeks ago I had a dream that I walked into the room at the church where this memorial was installed...and as I turned to see it...it was not there.  I exclaimed in my dream..."It's gone, the heart is gone...they took it away. WHY?"
I woke up hearing "The heart is gone. The heart is gone."
The words were layered with so many different meanings that my head was spinning "OK...this is apparently symbolic"}

Ha. So much for trying to ride the wave of denial on the "symbolic' surfboard. Because indeed the HEART structure that went missing...was removed by somebody or several somebody's that were "advised" that it needed to go.  Perhaps...because this certain church was in the process of electing a new minister and thus...the memory of a past minister was just too much. Maybe it took up too much space...(on this one wall, in this one room of a rather large complex),  Too intimidating, maybe? Maybe in their ALL-KNOWING-ness they concluded that it did not inspire people anymore.  OK...it's all dried up...time is up!!!

OK...apparently, I am the one that is amiss here...because I just DO NOT GET IT. Hey, sure...he was a DEAR friend...but honestly I rarely visit that place anymore...except for an occasional event...so it is not actually affecting ME in that way...and yet, I wonder if there may be some parishioners who DID occasionally need that heart-reminder so they could continue to be a better person.  And THAT was the original intent of this HEART...it was indeed VERY symbolic and carefully created and implemented to remember AND inspire. Did those in power come to the conclusion that a clean sweep was  needed?  Did it seem like a progressive move to obliterate anything that might tweak some inspiration from the past.  Do pesky memories like this just clog the pipeline to the future? Yes, that's the ticket (!)...to making "a success" of this 'church business' !!!!
(please feel free to insert major sarcasm).
 So...I guess this is how you UN-memorialize someone. I cannot say that I have been able to come up with any profound revelations regarding this event.

He doesn't care.  He laughs. (And obviously knew that I would find this odd...and sent me 'heads up' via the dream. Symbolic & literal).
And all I can do is simply roll my eyes and shake my head.
"What is wrong with them"?

Better yet....
What is wrong with me?
OK, I'll tell you what's wrong with me.  In MY opinion, often...my thought process, my ideas, my insights & observations... seem to make sense.   

"Whoa..".~one blog reader says to another.."She IS getting full of herself, isn't she"?~
Well, think what you will.  Because honestly... "making sense", in my opinion...  is a flaw.  It hasn't much of a place in the workings of the world right now. Even in my small corner of the world,  sense seems...well, senseless
It's a heavy burden.
God, please have mercy on my wretched little soul.

Moving right along....
I sit. I think. I pray that I may become a better person.

I really wanted to write a new post today.  But I got so distracted...

First I was captured by vintage artsy Italian liqueur ads...as I drank my nutmeg cappuccino.

 Then...I decided that the guest bathroom needed cleaning and realized that SHE had not put away along with the other Holiday decor:

I then wandered into the living room and pondered the idea that my plants are STILL alive.  It's a miracle. Although my Rosemary Tree could use some help..I better look up the "care & maintenance of..." quick!

Then I noticed that I am not the only one in the house who thinks this is the coziest, 'snuggle-up-on-the-sofa' blanket...

Speaking of cozy...even after I had a couple cups of hot cappy,
I was pretty chilly.  So decided I need a HOT bath and some moisturizing was in order...

After which I put on my favorite:

    Ah,  it IS the simple things in life.




I came back upstairs just in time to  enjoy the gloaming....
what a pretty sight from my kitchen window.  I wish the camera would have captured the smoke coming out the chimney of that little, snow covered house......

 When I came out of the spell of the twilight...I spotted a recent vintage gift that came to me this winter...and decided it has not been used enough. Oh the possibilities... I will put it to good use...but not today...

 Because the BLANKET is free!!

and now it's time for this:

Yeah, I really wanted to post today.  But what a full day it was...

Oh well...there's always tomorrow.


It's hard to believe, but by January 4, I had all my Christmas decorations put away. Of course, the lights stay all year long as their purpose changes from Holiday Cheer to "mood lighting". Anyway, doing away with the rest may be a bit shocking to those who have known me from my Chicago days. Not only had it been tradition to leave Christmas up, at least until Little Christmas, (January 6th...ANY Italian family knows that!)...but  I have been known to keep my little trees up until April..replacing the glittery ornaments with little pastel egg decorations!  Anyway, this year, I had a need to "get back to normal"...whatever that means.  So last night I enjoyed a clearer space...

Today, I am looking out from my clear space...unto this:

White space!!

It's beautiful, really. And it's still coming down as I type. I apologize for my 'adoring' spin on this White Space to those of you who have to drive in it...I am saved from that drama.  Heck, I am even saved today from walking or busing it...since it is an official: SNOW DAY! So here I am, in my own cozy little paradise.  With everything I need at my fingertips, tranquil and soft...like the snow.
Who could want for anything else?

I was thrilled to get many responses to my last post...some of which you can read on the comment form...MANY came to me as personal emails.(it's not too late, if you haven't yet)  I like stirring up the brain molecules...to get people thinking.  Not thinking LIKE ME.  Just thinking.  After all...no one of us wants to get "SNOWED". (Sorry, couldn't help myself)

More to come, soon.  As I am making a sincere effort to WRITE more, (in whatever form, Blog, manuscript, gripes,  shopping lists ;-) It's a 2010 desire.No,  Not EXACTLY a resolution...because I very much relate to this quote by Anais Nin:  
“I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my Life, is already too much of a daily event for me.”
See ya' in a few days.
Enjoy the latest music additions.